Angel Acosta Leon

Angel Acosta Leon (1930–1964) was a Cuban painter.
Angel Acosta Leon disregarded as a painter of Cuban themes, brought up in a poor family and otherwise forgotten by critics during his lifetime, Angel Acosta Leon led a tragic life.
Studying at San Alejandro in his youth, Acosta created art for only nine years, five of which were after he matured as a painter.His earliest paintings were oils of the sea and harbor and of tree lined parks.He is generally not well-known for these early works, so there is an excellent chance of one of these paintings surfacing somewhere.From the very beginning, Acosta struggled as a painter.
His family was poor, and did not understand his need to paint.
He often lived in cramped situations, and not until he was much older could he afford to move out of his family’s house and into a room at a Havana mansion.This familial alienation would become an underlying current in his works.Acosta had many themes in his work, another of which was sickness and death.





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Exposition Art Blog

Exposition Art Blog

The official website of the Exposition Art Blog

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