George Woodman — Photography

“George Woodman (1932–2017) was a photographer and painter whose career spanned more than sixty years and included forays into diverse visual media. Woodman was deeply influenced by classical and modernist traditions. He was committed to explorations of color and abstraction in a variety of forms — landscape, geometric, and patterned — before pivoting toward the figure, sculpture, and architecture.
Woodman was born in Concord, New Hampshire. He graduated from Harvard in 1954 with honors in philosophy and received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico in 1956. He married the artist Betty Abrahams in 1953 and after two years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, they moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1956 where he taught painting and philosophy of art at the University of Colorado for thirty years, becoming Professor Emeritus in 1995. He was an influential professor and artist in the Colorado scene in the 1960s and 70s, associated for many years with the Criss-Cross Art Communication movement and a founding member of the seminal Spark Gallery.
‍Woodman began his career as an abstract painter, best known for his formally inventive tessellations and complex understanding of color. In the 1980s, Woodman’s paintings turned toward classical figuration, and he began making black and white photographs of nudes in classical architectural and sculptural settings. At this time his work with patterns developed into compositions in painted ceramic tile, with major public commissions in Detroit, Michigan; Denver, Colorado; and Buffalo, New York. After retiring from teaching in 1995, he lived half of each year in Antella and half in New York.”





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Exposition Art Blog

Exposition Art Blog

The official website of the Exposition Art Blog

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