Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio

Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio (1902–1964) was an Italian painter, the formulator of Industrial Painting, and a founding member of the Situationist International. He was also a scholar of popular culture, archaeology, nomadism, and botany. Many of Pinot-Gallizio’s works were industrial paintings. Rather than a small image to be interpreted, these huge canvases were intended to cover a large area. The first of these was the cavern of anti-matter, prepared in 1957 after the formation of the SI. It was composed of 145 meter canvases which were painted by hand or with the aid of spray guns and machines using resins invented by Pinot-Gallizio himself. It was displayed at the Galerie René Drouin in 1959, draped around the gallery and sold by the meter.





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Exposition Art Blog

Exposition Art Blog

The official website of the Exposition Art Blog

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