Piero Leddi — Symbols and Metaphors

Piero Leddi (1930 –2016) was an Italian painter.Born in San Sebastiano Curone, Alessandria, after moving to Tortona, Leddi became interested in painting, influenced by the works of Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo. Leddi’s art mainly focused on the theme of the modern city, consisting of industrial landscapes, urban living interiors, cars and intellectual discussions. Another favorite, parallel theme was the decline of the archaic rural world, often symbolized by Fausto Coppi, the son of two farmers, whose story and tragic end was seen as a symbol of a peasant epic. His art was characterized by delicate colors, and he frequently used pastel colors, often mixed watercolor and tempera. In his works there was often a jumble of elements, which led to expressionistic results.




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