Rajmund Ziemski

“Rajmund Ziemski (1930–2005) He debuted at The National Exhibition of Young Visual Art “Against War — Against Fascism” at the Warsaw Arsenal (1955). Later, during the “thaw” he joined an art group centred around Marian Bogusz and his “Krzywe Koło” Gallery. To boot, in 1959 Ziemski took part in the 3rd Modern Art Exhibition in Warsaw. The artist’s statement about this aspect of his work: “ During the period of the Arsenal exhibition, and also later in 1956–57 my paintings came closer to figurative art. I dwelt in the world of known realities, and these realities were enough for the content I wanted to show. But then it turned out that I needed to find forms somewhat resembling synthesis, forms which create not derivative-repetitive, but forms with evocative style fitting for the expected result.”




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