Yehezkel Streichman — Israeli Abstract Painting

Yehezkel Streichman (1906–1993) was an Israeli painter.He is considered a pioneer of Israeli modernist painting. Among the awards that he won were the Dizengoff Prize and the Israel Prize.
Yehezkal Streichman was born in Kovno, Lithuania in 1906. Streichman emigrated to Palestine to begin his art education at the influential Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. There he would study art and architecture, and continue his studies in Paris and Florence.
His painting style involved using successive thick layers of paint.He was an acclaimed painter in what was known as the modernist “New Horizons” (Ofakim Hadashim) group in 1950s Tel Aviv, which he founded in 1948 along with Joseph Zaritsky and Stematsky.It painted in a French “lyrical abstraction” style
Yehezkal Streichman taught art throughout his life, starting in the Kibbutz’s in the 1930s and 40s, and then at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv until 1979.


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